Entrepreneurial Mindset for a Good Leader

Public-Relations-Job-Descriptions-The-PR-Specialist-Job-OverviewBy raising middle class society in Indonesia which is more than 50% people in Indonesia are middle class it makes business growing really fast and unpredictable. The winner is not the biggest, but the fastest. Being an entrepreneur is being a leader. At least we are leader for our employees. Now, it takes a very different pattern of leadership. Previous business can be done using hierarchical leadership and control through regulations. Now leadership demanded more flexible, not rigid always have a command line system. From a good entrepreneur we learn how to be a good leader. This essay will talk about entrepreneurial mentality for a leader which we can learn to be a good leader by having entrepreneurial outlook, mindset, and attitude.

We often hear that Leader has to motivate, leader has to be a good problem solver, leader should be a good role model for his/her subordinate. But there are some attitudes or behavior that we should learn from entrepreneur. First, leader is aligning. Aligning means leader not supposed to take over all of the problem, but leader must have collaborative quotient which engage his/her subordinate to solve the problem as a team, so he/she can appreciate the team. Second, Leader is empowering. Empowering means, leader should release positive energy to the subordinate and let them develop themselves and our task is assisting them to reach their own goals. He/she recognizes, respects, and directs employee’s seed of potential. He will treat his team as a mature person for the sake of achieving personal potential leads.

If we understand what both attitude that we need to learn from entrepreneur we can understand too how to make Indonesian society become more independent and give more impact to our society. By aligning our team by appreciate and trust them and by empowering them to be more independent we can create a sustain legacy for better generation. Learning from it, now I start to implement the power of aligning (collaborative and integrative) in my Community, Jaringan Rumah Usaha (Social Entrepreneurship based community), which are, we assisting small medium enterprise and empower poor people to be more independent financially and knowledge. My activities in Jaringan Rumah Usaha represent how leader should act for a better generation.

In Jaringan Rumah Usaha, we’re not only doing a business thing, but more than that we empower unfortunate people to take a higher level on their lives. For example we empower ex-housemaid and widow to learn business, we empower ex-criminal to be better person and accepted in their society, and we also empower our employees to be a part of business owner by having a shareholdings.

That how we learn to be a good leader from entrepreneur, by empowering other people to have a higher level in personal development and always aligning ourselves to our subordinate by appreciating and make collaboration between team leader and team member. So we demanded to have entrepreneurial mentality leader.

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